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Problems with evaporator equipment are solved
Release time:2018-6-8 11:22:04      Number of clicks:778
1. The evaporator often fails to defrost
Evaporator electrical heating tube is very easy to burn out, and as the evaporator with heating tube series electric heating tube is made up of 2 a group, one of the burning, lines can not work normally, so the frost on the evaporator ontology can't melt.
2. The collecting pan freezes
Water dish inside is not set electric heating tube, although has the same electric heating wire and the water pipe, but power is very small, poor quality, often fails, due to the low temperature temperature reached - 18 ℃ below, after the evaporator defrosting, water entering the water pan is too late to discharge will regelation, cannot normal run off through the drain pipe.
3. The downpipe is blocked with ice
The electrical heating wire of the downpipe is out of order. Because the electric heating wire of the downpipe is always in working state, and its own quality is poor, the failure rate of the electric heating wire of the downpipe is very high. As the original downpipe was long, once its electric heating wire failed, in the low temperature environment, the water entering the downpipe began to freeze again before it could flow away, and the defrosting could not be realized normally all the time.
Improvement measures:
1. The main reason why the evaporator cannot melt frost is that the quality of electric heating is saved in the problem, and the series method is used. Therefore, we should use the heating tube with rated voltage of 220v and use parallel connection.
2. Re-customize the water collecting plate to ensure that the water from the evaporator defrosting will not freeze twice after it reaches the water collecting plate.
3. The improved cut-off of the downpipe is to shorten the downpipe as much as possible, add another collecting bucket under the collecting pan, and replace the new collecting bucket before the water in the collecting bucket is full.

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