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Enterprise spirit: realistic, innovative, efficient and excellent.
From the practical point of view, creating value beneficial to the society, the enterprise and the staff is the foundation of our enterprise. However, in order to achieve practical results, it is necessary to take "innovation" as a means to innovate in organization, system, decision-making, management, scientific research and other aspects and form an innovation mechanism so that enterprises can develop and grow. Strict working style and strict management system can produce high quality and high speed to create the "high efficiency" of our enterprise. "Excellence" is a kind of unsatisfied and self-surpassing spirit. Only by constantly walking in the front of The Times can enterprises have eternal vitality.
Enterprise objective: for the development of refrigeration industry and human progress to transfer the power.
The development of our enterprise, we constantly develop new products, to produce a new friction material series products, to promote the development of our industry, which is to promote the progress of the human, that is the ultimate goal of our business.
Corporate ethics: pursue value and achieve win-win results.
The core of corporate ethics is to cultivate good moral atmosphere, build noble moral quality and build a first-class staff team. Employees want to deep understanding to the professional liability and professional duty, the pursuit of perfect personality in the business activity, sets up the ownership of labor attitude, a selfless work spirit and the spirit of selfless dedication, have good at learning, the pursuit of knowledge and innovation spirit, solidarity, strenuous enterprising, corporate interests.
Business philosophy: integrity management, customer first.
All business activities of an enterprise come from whether integrity comes first, whether to put the interests of customers first. Only pay attention to good faith management, regard the customer as god, the enterprise can develop and expand unceasingly, today we are the domestic leading, tomorrow we will be the international first-class.
Talent management philosophy: to achieve internationalization, marketization and standardization by humanization, professionalism and specialization, and realize the value of enterprises and employees. Enterprises in providing high quality products and services at the same time, also want to shape a first-class staff, to achieve the enterprise value and target at the same time, reach the marketization and internationalization, also want to through the humanistic management, highly professional and professional staff team, to realize the value of their employees.

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