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Jiangsu libang electromechanical equipment co., LTD., founded in 2018, is headquartered in xuzhou, a famous historical city and known as "the capital of China's engineering machinery". Here are four provinces and convenient transportation.
Company is specialized in refrigeration refrigeration units, industrial water chillers, ice making machine and control system of intelligent manufacturing, research and development, sales for an integrated production-oriented enterprises, in order to better serve the needs of users, successively set up three offices in taiyuan, changsha, jinan.
Trinity's main products are: box-type units, piston and piston parallel units, screw units, water chillers, flake ice machine, block ice machine, shell ice machine, drying and freeze-drying machine, PLC programmable control system, in order to better service customers from all walks of life to deeper, trinity technical team has developed the special purpose of different sectors of refrigeration units, explosion-proof units of oil and gas recovery, chemical companies, frozen products, transport and water cooling seismic anti-corrosion type units, 60 ℃ ~ 120 ℃ cryogenic units, according to customers different requirements of automation control system, etc.
Trinity company since its inception, has been committed to refrigeration industry refrigeration equipment and intelligent control of the research and development, with strong research and development of reserve resources and rich experience in actual combat, long-term project traders, traders at home and abroad, domestic well-known research institutions to maintain close strategic partnership, in the long-term cooperation, the gentiles to the product technological innovation, the technical support and high quality service, obtained the industry and users widely recognized and respected.
In the right place and in a safe and prosperous state, the people of libang adhere to the enterprise spirit of "technology and expertise, excellence, diligence and devotion".
With the enterprise vision of "striving to change the future and improving the value through innovation", we will embrace the brilliant tomorrow!

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